Paraguay The Forgotten Destination

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paraguay1Often called the forgotten destination, Paraguay is located in the heart of South America. Situated between Brazil and Argentina, this small country has been admired around the world for it’s fascinating combination of cultural, historical and natural wealth.

The Republic of Paraguay was named for the Paraguay River that runs from north to south through the center of the country. The river separates Paraguay into two very distinct regions, Eastern Paraguay and Western Paraguay. And, each region has a character, terrain and climate all it’s own.

The Eastern Region of Paraguay is landscaped with fertile, rolling hills and shady valleys. The region has numerous streams and lakes and dense tropical forests that are abundant with wildlife. The majority of the towns and cities are located in the Eastern Region and still display the countries pioneer and colonial traits in the local architecture.

The Western Region of the country is by far the largest area, but also the least populated. It’s a vast, mostly infertile tract of land that experiences a wet and dry climate. Areas of land that are deserts throughout the winter months, become swamp lands during the summer rains. Some of the highest temperatures on the planet have been recorded in this region.

The natural environment of Paraguay is one of the most diverse you could find anywhere in the world. From green grasslands, to thorny forests and palm savannas, the country is an exciting blend of natural beauty. It’s a land that still holds untouched wildernesses much like the first explorers witnessed.

Although, the country is predominantly rural, small farming towns and cities are spread across Paraguay’s countryside. Both rustic and sophisticated, colonial towns and modern day cities are neighbors, and small artisan boutiques are situated beside shopping centers.

While often overlooked by tourists, Paraguay offers visitors a wide variety of activities. Serene riverboat rides, exhilerating waterfalls and the Jesuit Ruins are just a few of the countries main attractions. Some of the many activities include fishing, water sports, hiking and nature excursions.

There are still very few paved roads in the country that link the towns and cities. Most of the roads passing through the rural areas are simple dirt roads just as they have been for decades. Although, still a poor country, Paraguay is abundant with natural wealth. The easy going atmosphere and friendly people make it a perfect, tranquil destination.

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